Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

I've got seven done. I'm flying through them! I did three little socks on Sunday because I discovered that I can manage one in under an hour - and since Sunday was a day of sloth, I churned out three little socks. Strangely enough, handicrafts were (and for some people still are) considered 'work' and thus would've been forbidden on the Sabbath. It's interesting to remember that what we nowdays choose to do recreationally - crochet dishcloths, knit socks, sew quilts - was part of the drudgery of women's daily life. It reminds me of the Laura Ingalls Wilder book in which the family almost has a conniption of joy when they sell a couple of cows for a sewing machine ... a sewing machine! It meant - brace yourselves - that they didn't have to hem the bedsheets by hand. Imagine a day spent boiling water and lugging heavy pots and pans, steeping laundry, then scrubbing and wringing it out to dry, followed by the preparation of a family dinner from scratch - and then the joy of hand-hemming a sheet by the light of an oil-lamp for recreation.


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Vaughnde said...

Crikey is Right! When I think of how much work and love went into our great great grandparent's lives and the conveniences we have today....I shudder to think what THEY would think of all these contraptions as they would call them. Granted I like the slow life but I would not give up most of my conveniences for anything. I love your socks by the way! Are these crochet? If so, is the pattern free and where can I find it?