Friday, July 23, 2010

Four down, twenty to go

My quest to crochet 24 Advent socks is now 25% complete: four down, twenty to go -
[edited to add that although I am quite a whizz with the hook, I'm numerically challenged. I'd be nearing 25% if Advent had 16 days, sadly it does not. I'm only 16.6666% there. This is not quite as dramatic an opening sentence as my original one. And sincere apologies to Sister Francis, who tried in vain to teach me rudimentary maths. If she reads this, she'll weep.]

The sock yarn in shades of black, white and grey is a leftover from this hat (don't worry, it's a man's hat. Gladys has not been attacked and eaten by headwear).

This hat - without meaning to be dramatic - almost cost me my sanity. Mr Gingerbread complains that I never make anything for men, so I decided to use my black'n'white flecked yarn to make a Simple Sock Yarn hat, mansize. Grrrr. Never again. What makes working with a sock yarn interesting is the stripe and the changing colours - a sock yarn that merely produces a fleck before changing to the next colour is very, very boring. So during the time it took me to finish this hat, I crocheted six cushion covers, two baby blankets, two berets and a scarf (I am nothing if not prolific). Oh well. At least the leftover yarn made a nice sockette.


Susie said...

You are a better woman than me, because if I had to produce 24 socks before Advent I would need Gin and neverending gratitude from all the recipients. (But yours look very nice, and the hat, despite its flecked-ness - I actually quite like the flecks).

Rachelle said...

It's posts like yours that have convinced me to take up the art of hooking...we'll see how well I do.

Although you are doing great on your advent socks, you are unfortunately, not quite 25% done (you need 6 done for that :)), but doing great nonetheless!

Keep up the great posting!

The Gingerbread Lady said...
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The Gingerbread Lady said...

Eeek? Where did my comment go?
Anyway, thank you Rachelle! Hahahaha! Maths: my downfall. I have now adjusted my calculations and am extremely depressed ... twenty socks? Gasp! Whose stupid ideas was this, anyway? :-)

Emily said...

No, I think Sr. Francis used up all her tears on me... I'd love a pair of socks- I could swizzle the Kris Kindle this year so you get my name :-D Looking forward to seeing you next week!

cshell said...

Teh maths iz hard!

Oh my goodness, this really made me laugh out loud. The edit, now that was classic. Smallish font and everything.