Thursday, August 11, 2011


A long time ago - before I started this blog - I went on a baby blanket spree. This was not inspired by an abiding love of the little tykes, nor by spiking hormonal surges, but rather by the delight of finishing a blanket FAST. They're small. You can use fun colours. They're quick to finish. The problem is, I have loads of them. At the time of writing, I have nine baby blankets beside me. I believe my sister Eithne Gingerbread has another couple squirrelled away somewhere in Ireland. This, my dears, borders on unhealthy. At one point I thought I could donate them and rang the local domestic abuse shelter and children's clinic - but my luvverly blankets were rejected (pause for a second to sob) because of potential allergies. Despite the fact that we do not smoke, have no pets and the blankets in question are 100% cotton, I would have to crochet them in a plastic bubble in order to avoid passing on my germs to some poor kiddie.

Oh well. For a couple of seconds I was very nearly Miss Altruism 2011.

So I decided to sell a few and have put them up for sale on Ebay with a realistic starting price that covers the cost of my yarn and the copious amount of cake eaten during their making. If they don't sell, I don't mind because, quite frankly, I like having them around me - just in case a flock of germ-resilient orphans turn up on my doorstep.  If you've logged on today to see some crochet pieces, these pictures are for you:

Using Krochet Krystal's Daisy Square design - see link below.

My inspiration? I had a lot of colours. And I like squares. Umm. That's it.

Yes, I know. A lot of daisies. But once I figured the pattern out, I had to keep doing it till my fingers fell off.

Irish roses. Just because.

The daisy square is a wonderful pattern by Krochet Krystal. Sadly, she currently isn't offering it for download, but keep checking her site in case this changes in the future. The blankets made from this pattern can only be sold for charitable purposes ... and that's the plan. More about this tomorrow!


wdmk said...

These are beautiful, I honestly would be keeping them hahaha! Love the daisies soooo pretty!

Bri said...

These blankets are beautiful, its a shame you cant donate them. Maybe the local firehall? to wrap/comfort children in when theres an emergancy? I too have a collection of baby blankets because your right, its nice to finnish something quickly. Ummmm...just because I'm noisy..I mean curious...which ebay do you have them listed in? :o)

Donna Lee said...

I'd think the local orphanage (or whatever they call it in today's pc world) would be thankful for some colorful blankets. Allergies? So, put them into the wash.

You do beautiful work.

Rain said...

These are BEAUTIFUL !! sure should sell!!

hooksandyarns said...

Your blankets are so pretty. I'm sorry that the clinic wouldn't take them - they would have made some little kids happy. :)

Dette said...

Hi I have just found you blog and spent a good wee while looking over the past entries.What a great blog,funny and with great crochet to inspire.I wish I had found it sooner.Congratulations on a great blog.

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

All really are so gorgeous!

Liz said...

Just 'found' your blog which is GREAT, and was sad to hear that your blankies weren't accepted. Silly, silly people. I bet the children and their mums and dads would have been ok with them. You have a couple of charities listed that you will crochet for... I have been looking for one that will take granny squares. My old Irish granny used to knit triangles (two would make a square), sew them into blankets and send them off. I think, to the Save the Children. She watched the TV avidly when famine reports were on in the hope she would she a little one with her blanket around them.
I digress. If you do know of any such thing now, would love to hear about it.
Hope your ebay sale goes well, the blankets are lovely.