Monday, April 4, 2011

PATTERN: Killer Bunny Egg Cozy

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Now it's time for a little whimsy: egg cozies! These are supposed to keep your boiled eggs warm, but I think they just make funny table decorations. Hide a Cadbury's Creme Egg under one of these to make someone very happy (e.g. me. Any chance of a free box of eggs, Mr Cadbury, for my discreet product placement? No? Oh, well...)

You need a
3.50mm hook (an ‘E’ hook)
approx. 15g sock yarn (or fingering weight cotton)
2 little buttons for eyes
1 darning needle
Small amount of white DK or WW yarn (for teeth)
Note: this pattern uses American terms, the British terms are in [brackets].

Bunny Body:
Start by chaining 3 and join with a slip stitch to form a little circle.
OR: start with a magic loop

Round 1: Chain one, then do a SC [DC] in the same stitch below (this counts as your first SC [DC] here and throughout), then do 9 SC (DC) into the circle. (10 stitches in total)
Round 2: Chain one, then do 2 SC [DC] in the same stitch. 2 SC [DC] in next nine stitches (20 stitches in total)
Round 3: Chain one, then do 1 SC [DC] in the same stitch, 1 SC [DC] in next nineteen stitches (20 stitches in total)
Round 4: Chain one, then do 1 SC [DC] in the same stitch, 2 SC [DC] in next stitch, *1 SC [DC] in next stitch, 2 SC [DC] in stitch after. Repeat from * around, ending with 2 SC [DC] (30 stitches in total)
Round 5: Chain one, then do 1 SC [DC] in the same stitch, 1 SC [DC] in next twenty-nine stitches (30 stitches in total)
Repeat round 5 till your cozy is three in/eight cm long. Cut yarn, weave in end.

No rude comments, please.

Bunny Ears (make 2):
 Chain 11, do a SC [DC] in the second stitch from hook. Do 1 SC [DC] in the next nine stitches. Chain one.
Now turn this twisty little piece of crochet upside down, so the bottom of the starting chain is facing up. Crochet 1 SC [DC] in the bottom loops of the ten stitches across. Chain one.

Turn your work right-side up, so the first row you did is facing up again. Crochet 1 SC [DC] in the first SC [DC] of the previous row, as though you were starting a normal row. Do 1 SC [DC] in the next nine stitches,

then 1 SC [DC] into the top of this little rectangle, and crochet 1 SC [DC] in each of the stitches down the other side.

Cut yarn, leaving a 4 inch/10 cm tail to sew your ears on.

Sew the ears on either side of the bunny body head. Position the button eyes in such a way that bunny looks vaguely threatening (or cute, if you so desire.) Sew on firmly - nothing worse than a one-eyed Killer Bunny.
Create teeth by simply adding two vertical stitches in white yarn. Again, contemplate how to position the teeth in order to make the bunny look extra-scary.


Now have them stand guard over your breakfast:


A PDF of this pattern can be made at THIS website: just copy and paste this link
and it prepares a perfect PDF, ready for print!


rachel said...

So cute! I love their monstrous little faces.

Anonymous said...

They are adorable, I wish I could crochet so I could make some XD

Alexandra said...

I love them!!! So cute! The teeth are adorable! :D

Voie de Vie said...

They're now perfect with the button eyes. Well done.

I'm still calling mine (whenever I make them) Mr. and Mrs. G Save 3.

The Gingerbread Lady said...

And you are right, Voie de Vie! We are thrifty egg eaters! Furthermore, we are conserving energy by packing our eggs into little woolly jumpers - think of all the extra heat we're saving. Our energy bills will be cut in half, at least! Take note, eco-lovers - saving money AND the environment!

patrysia said...

Absolutely adorable! I love how they look cosy, yet cheeky. And I hear you on the Cadbury's Creme Eggs--they're one of my not-so-hidden vices.

Alice the fiber fiend said...

Thank you for the pattern, they're hilarious, but... now don't you think toast will feel left out?

CM said...

Me thinks I'm needing a matching tea cozy!

Just a Girl said...

ROFL! No rude comments eh?? *Chuckle!* Those bunnies are so unique and cute, thanks for the tutorial!

WalkingWithFeathers said...

love. thanks for the pattern!

susie cue said...

I think these are great my grand
children will love them also good
for using up small bits of wool.