Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gingerbread Dishcloths


I like dishcloths that are a bit chunkier - and sturdier. This cloth can be made a bit larger by chaining 30 stitches instead of 24 and can then used as a facecloth.

You need: 
Approx 40g of kitchen cotton
The recommended hook + a hook in a smaller size (our cotton is thinner than Peaches'n'Creme or Suagr'n'Creme, so I used an 'H'/5 mm hook, plus a 'G'/4.25 mm hook)
A darning needle

This pattern is in American English terms, the British terms are in [brackets].
SC = single crochet / [DC] = [double crochet]
Special stitch:
Puff stitch = Yarn over, insert hook into stitch below. *Yarn over and pull up a loop*. Repeat from * to * twice more. You now have 7 loops on your hook. Yarn over, draw yarn through 6 stitches, then draw through the last two stitches on hook.

Chain 26 in colour A.

Row 1/Colour A:
Crochet 1 SC [DC] in the 3rd chain from the hook. Crochet 1 SC [DC] in the next 23 stitches.

Row 2/Colour B:
Ch 1, 1 SC [DC] in the first two stitches. In the next stitch: puff stitch, then  1 SC [DC] in next stitch. Repeat from * to * till last two stitches. 1 SC [DC] in last two stitches. Cut yarn and weave in end. 
Note about end-weaving: it’s odious, yes, but have a needle on hand and tuck the tail in quickly before you start the next row. It takes seconds and you’ll be glad not to have to do a stack of them at the end.

Row 3/Colour A:  repeat row 2! Yes, simple as that!

Repeat rows 2 and  3 till your cloth is square. Finish in colour B. 


Change to a smaller hook because this will make it easier for you to poke the hook through the stitches around the sides of the cloth. Edge the cloth in SC [DC]s . 


You can finish the cloth with another round of SC [DC]s (see purple/white cloth) or DC [TR]s (see navy/cream cloth.)

Now, hit the dishes! Get scrubbing!


Pretty Pauline said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the pattern, too.

Paul & Carla said...

Very pretty dishcloth. Myself, I prefer them a little less "chunky" but this one is certainly good looking. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!