Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Award for Me!

Renee over at East of Eden has presented me with this award. If you don't read German, it means 'Favourite Blog'. Isn't that kind?


You have to pass this award on to people with blogs with fewer than one hundred followers. Which was the case with me when I was given this award, but in the past 48 hours, the number has burgeoned. Oopsie!  I now have over a hundred followers, which really should make me feel very honoured and empowered, but instead makes me feel very nervous. A bit rabbit-in-headlightsesque. Or hand-in-cookie-jarish. Or finger-up-noseistic. You're all (whispers) watching me.

Anyway, it only took a year but I finally figured out how to follow blogs. There's a button for that, did you know? It has FOLLOW on it and when you press it, it gets added to your reader. Yup. Snazzy, eh? Before that, I used to manually seek out people's blogs via Google. Oh, ye of little technosavvy. So here are a few of the blogs I dip in and out of. In no particular order:

Hookin' It With Mr Lick Lick. When this name first appeared in my comments, I was rather nervous, thinking I was being targeted by Chinese spammers. The reality is a lot less dramatic - a very nice lady in Georgia hides behindthe name, - but you have to find out yourself who Mr Lick Lick is ...

My Name is Not Gracie. No, it's not. Really. If I ever need to lust at people making far more sophisticated yarn purchases than me, Non-Gracie is your girl. Go and have a little lust at her yarns. Lovely wool, lovely projects. She's also a teacher, so she shares my pain.
Useless Beauty Not only does Susie have an Auntie Kath, who (I suspect) is my Auntie Maureen's separated-at-birth twin, she also shares my love of quality romantic fiction. And her quilts are too die for. One of them that she promised to me without knowing that she did is temporarily resting at her mother's till I pop by and pick it up.

A Snippy Girl - You have to visit Erica's blog if only to see the picture of the beautiful Irish crochet dress she has in her last post (she didn't make it, but I'm sure she could make one just like it.) Lovely crochet projects and loads and loads of yarn. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Growing Things And Making Things because that is exactly what Rachel does. She grows things (lots of things, she's in the process of planting a garden. I can't keep a pot of basil alive) and makes things (she knooks! She even made her knook-hook all by herself!)

Is that five already? I could add another five! Maybe next time, these were at the top of the blog roll (now that I've figured out how to use it.)


Unknown said...

hehehe the follow button is a huge help. I always get frustrated that I read a blog I really enjoy then close it... and forget to follow it and I have no idea how I found it *face palm* Thanks for sharing some blogs on your blogroll - I'm going to check them out.

BalatongTNC said...


Cobblestone Creations said...

I would not be surprised to learn that there are quite a number of us who hold your blog among our favorites. :)
Quality romantic fiction? I'd love to see that list ~ perhaps someday you will share that with us. I'm assuming Diana Gabaldon is on it!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I still just add them to my blogroll...but it's getting too big to manage...

and WOOT, WOOT thanks for the award...lately it's not so much me buying, but I've won a bunch of yarn!

Rachel said...

Ooh, thank you! :-)))

I keep losing the FOLLOW button, so I add blogs using copy and paste.

CC, you should check out Susie's own masterpiece of romantic fiction! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter (but don't tell her - I wouldn't like to put any pressure on her in case it disrupts the creativity ;-)

As for growing things, I'm quite good at the desctructive part of gardening (much digging), but judgement should be reserved on whether I can actually keep things alive. I'm currently wondering what to do with 200 tomato seedlings...