Friday, October 15, 2010

The Bee's Knees are PDFs

I just discovered a glaringly obvious mistake in a blanket I'm making - glaringly obvious when the ends have been woven in and the blanket edged. It's enough to make me weep - but thankfully my ill-temper has been mollified by the discovery of just the niftiest little tool ever.

Basically, it's a website that transforms other websites into PDFs. That's right - you know all of those patterns you've bookmarked to keep? Well, copy and paste the page link of the pattern into the little text box on this site - and Bob's your uncle. You can print all your patterns out and hold them in your little fingers. Isn't that just the bee's knees?

Edited to add:
I'd barely hit Publish on this post when I received this message from Gingerbread Brother Johnny via Facebook:
We're all weeping because you've only discovered PDFs now. Daughter of a designer/printer. Shame on you.
Shut up, Johnny. I know what PDFs are - this is just so superduper easy, that's why I love it.

(Honestly, back in Ye Olden Days you'd have to send a letter or a pigeon with a message if you wanted to insult a sibling living abroad. Now you can do it instantly via text message, Twitter, Facebook or blog comment. Never before have there been so many possibilities to insult the intelligence of a brother or sister instantaneously - distance is no longer an object. Technology has catapulted sibling squabbles into the 21st century.)


jenelleg said...

Just found your blog and I love it; I've been reading through all the old entries. I wanted to tell you there are also programs that will let you "print" anything in a PDF form. I use CutePDF Writer ( ). Anything you can print from a home printer can be "printed" as a PDF. Just go through the same steps you would to print (ctrl+p), select CutePDF as the printer, and it makes & saves it as a PDF.

I have a "To Crochet" folder on my computer, so whenever I run across patterns online I "print" them straight to the folder as PDFs. I also have PDFs of crochet books, so I do the same with patterns there (just select the pages with the pattern I want). If you get really fancy, you can print several digital pictures into one PDF file.

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Jenelleq - thank you SO much! What a fantastic link! You're a star, thank you once again for dropping by and sharing this gem :-)