Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are you dyeing to know ....?

Clara asked me about my adventures in dyeing.
The whole process is rather time-consuming: you have to unwind the yarn and re-wind it into hanks. It has to dry for a day or two afterwards, and then comes the most time-consuming part: re-winding it into balls or skeins. See, the strands of yarn have been through a lot together - the winding, the dyeing, the drying - so they form a very close bond and don't want to be separated and rewound into a boring ol' ball. The actual dyeing, the part that's most fun, takes only minutes.

But it is fun. Great fun! It's very exciting to see what colour the Kool Aid will turn out to be. And although I don't have a source of Kool Aid (Gracey, in answer to your question: Yes! And thank you! Will drop by and say hello on your blog), I do have access to nice creamy-white sock yarn (thank you, 99c store) and I'm inexplicably excited by pseudo-scientific experimentation (albeit, the kind done with jam jars and the saucepan I cook my spaghetti bolognese in. Watch out, Marie Curie.)

At any rate, I'm not quite this good yet:

This was my anniversary present from Mr Gingerbread. I think you will agree that he loves me. Very much.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Okey-doke - just let me know.

Quinn said...

Funny timing! I've been dyeing all afternoon, and the pot is just cooling now...then the rinsing, then the a couple of days there MAY be a hank to wind! Dyeing with Black Walnuts takes a leeetle bit longer than koolaid, but I am finding it satisfying to begin in the woods and end up with the kettle simmering. At some point I WILL try koolaid, though! Sooner or later I will be tired of brown yarn, however lovely!
At least I think I will.
Won't I?
Can't wait to see your results!

Mrs Bent said...

Arh Mr Gingerbread sounds very sweet :)

- said...

Well, thanks for that because you've convinced me that it seems worth it to you. The results are positive enough to make you want to do it again. So, I will try it myself one day but not likely until the Spring. It is a very interesting process I have to say.

Alice the fiber fiend said...

Well, I do hope your experiments turn out safer than Marie Curie's. Thankfully, Kool Aid is not radioactive (I hope). Have fun!