Thursday, July 25, 2013

No Sleep Till Brooklyn. I mean, Gingerbreadtown

We - that is, my husband - decided to "sleep train" our son. Now, I apparently agreed to this but I can't remember doing so (which is what happens when you're sleep deprived), so my husband read all of the Expert Literature on getting babies to sleep and decided we would do the "gentle method" (as it's called in German.) This involves putting baby down to sleep with some nice cuddles and soothing words, then leaving the room, only to return at regular, short intervals to soothe him and reassure him you're there. It works, I was promised. Even my friend Sandra reported her sister's success - it worked for her son and sometimes he even screamed for an hour and a half.

Oh, I laughed bitterly.

My son can scream in pure rage and fury for FOUR hours. FOUR HOURS, people. If we leave him alone for more than three minutes, there's an ominous silence, followed by more Screams of Rage: that's the point when we have to go in an extricate him from the bars of the cot or from underneath the mattress where, bizarrely, he has managed to jam a hand or leg. After ten days of intense battles, we have reduced the screaming to 90 minutes on a bad night and he hasn't lost a finger on a bed spring yet, despite his best efforts.

Now, let me just remind you of the facts: we are two adults in our late thirties. My husband hit 6' (180cm) and kept going for a bit. I'm not a small girl, not by anyone's standards. Yet our nine-month-old demonstrates a strength and stamina that leaves us speechless (and sleepless). If he wants to get down off our knees, he's getting down. If he wants to climb into the washing machine, well, darnit, he's going to climb in. And if he thinks there's a chance to get out of the cot, he will do his utmost, by hook or by crook, to escape Baby Alcatraz.

Anyway ... let's move on to more exciting things. My latest pattern is being tested by two sets of nice ladies, with eagle eyes and sharpened hooks. It's called Stars & Flowers because ... well, maybe you might see why:

It's close to finished and I hope it'll be ready to download just as the weather turns cool in the northern hemisphere (i.e. by September, at the latest!)


Karen said...

sleep? what is sleep? I am still trying to train my 20 year old to sleep!

Oh - can't wait til this pattern is ready to go - already have the yarn picked out.... just sayin'

may you be blessed with sleep: soon


Sweet Seahorse said...

I can sympathise with the screaming. My eldest daughter spent 2 weeks in hospital when she was first born and when she came home would only sleep in the pram (she was used to the small crib size). When she grew too big to sleep in the pram I tried to move her into the cot, not that I hadn't already tried. Every time I put her in the cot she would scream without ceasing. So she ended up in bed with me and stayed there for a little over 3 and a half years. Baby 2 was better, she would sleep in the cot with no problem but wouldn't actually get to sleep unless I stayed with her until she surrendered. Baby 3 sleeps in cot and sends himself to sleep. Yay!! Stick with it. Chances are it will be easier with the next child.

I love your pattern it looks very versatile, the three versions shown couldn't be more different from each other and I love them all, but I am really drawn to the one in black.

xXx Helen

Petunia Pill said...

Babies...they have SUCH a job trying to train the parental units! I tend to think puppies are just as clever about getting their way. We only THINK we're in charge! Love your creation! Drooling over the last one pictured! Hang in there...the teenage tears are right around the corner. (Wink)

Maryfairy said...

This is a beautiful design, looking forward to getting my hands on the pattern. Well done and good luck with your sleep training:)

Unknown said...

It is so hard when you want to teach your kid to go to sleep. Been there done that - with twins!
It is totally worth it though, so keep it up.. don't give up now!
I recommend taking turns to leave the house =)
Lovely lovely blankets!!

Janelle said...

What a stunning pattern - I especially like the last version in black.

Jay said...

Oh I remember how hard the screaming baby thing was - he will sleep eventually and I think you've got the right idea to try the training method. I had a very screamy & stubborn son who has turned into the most laidback boy you could ever meet and I'm sure will be no trouble to anyone - I also had a very sleepy, laidback baby who has turned into a very volatile teenager and causes lots of trouble!

Marinake said...

Excuse me for going off topic, but did you check out the BBC last tuesday with 'make me a German'? It was about a British family investigating moving to Nuremberg and working.

Te pattern looks great! I've been looking for something like it to make a blanket for the winter evenings.

Greetings form NL!

~Christina said...

Hi Ginger, do you remember me? I shut my blog down after awhile, I didn't have anything to write about other than my nannying job. Anyway, I'm sorry if you don't remember me, it's been two years. I thought I'd check in on your blog, and I see you now have a little one, congratulations, that's so exciting!! I also have a little baby girl of my own now, she's four months old. Isn't parenthood exhausting and fun? :-) hoping you are well!

Preeti said...

Lovely pattern!! Especially the black one :) I was searching on google and came here.