Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ryan's Kitties (aka: Maths - A Cautionary Tale)

A very nice reader pointed out an error in my Kitties in a Row blanket (which has since been corrected.) Thank you, Ryan! It was pointed out that my starting chain was too long, by 3 ch. The sad thing is that I originally had the correct number of chains, which I totted up on my fingers and wrote down with a stubby pencil on the back of a shopping receipt. However, that didn't seem trustworthy enough, so I re-checked using my calculator. Maths and I ... well, we're acquaintances, but not friends. And so I ended up with a miscalculation. Back to counting repeats on my grubby fingers.

In order to check the blanket pattern again, I just had to start another one. For some reason, I needed a burst of green - I've never been a fan of greens but in the last few months I have used forty shades of green in as many projects. This blanket is almost ripe for St. Patrick's Day, isn't it?

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