Sunday, May 16, 2010

Basket Case

Yesterday I went to our local €1 shop (one of my favourites) and bought a bread basket. Let me interrupt myself briefly to say that baskets flock to me. I have a lot of them. I get given baskets on a relatively regular basis. Apparently, I look like a person who could do with a basket - and, frankly, I could always do with a basket. For example - this is our morning jam basket:

It was made by my brother-in-law (who, by the way, might like to make me another for a future Christmas present. Just saying.)

This is my practically-finished-projects basket, full of - um - practically finished projects. You can see the shawl I started with my Noro yarn (just one more row left to do) and two hat & scarves finished and ready for sale or gifting.

Here's my on-the-go basket with a baby blanket (nearly finished) and the makings of another inside.

So I like baskets (I have another two or three knocking around, but that's be going too far, eh?). I bought a bread basket at the €1 shop - it's basically a wire basket with a removable cover that you can wash.

Unfortunately, the cover was grubby from handling, so I removed it ... and decided to make my own.

There's no pattern for this - if you can make a hat, you can make a bread basket cover. You need
- a basket
- scraps of cotton
And you need to be able to increase (two DC in one space) and decrease (crochet 2 together). Simple as that. And because my tablecloth is so bright and cheerful, I decided to make it in the same colours ... just because.


Paul & Carla said...

Perfect with your tablecloth!

River Glorious said...

Lovely basket.