Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Too much yarn? Never!

I love yarn. Actually, I love colours and yarn comes in so many pretty shades... I just love it. I can't photograph my stash because it may become incriminating evidence of my general looniness, and I'm really trying to keep that under control. Suffice to say, I have a LOT of wool. Why do I love it? If you're a fellow crafter, you don't even need an answer to that. If you're not, here's a photo of the delight that is my yarn:

Luvverly, eh? I pick up my little basket and look down at all the lovely colours and my hands twitch in delight.

The reason why I've got a rainbow in my basket is that I'm trying to finish up projects that I started last year. I have a few baby blankets in progress: I've finished one and am finishing up a second. They're VERY bright, rainbow-coloured, in fact. See, babies apparently can't even distinguish pastels very well, whereas they're attracted to very bright colours. So I thought I'd give those babies a run for their money:

Oh, come on! Take off those sunglasses! It's not that bright.
Actually, it is. Brighter, in fact. The camera tends to wash the colours out a bit. But it's actually very pretty and cheerful, and hopefully some baby somewhere will enjoy it.


Sharon Marie said...

It's not bright--it's cheerful and pretty.:) I too would not dare to show all my yarn because I would be either committed or the star of one of the shows on hoarding!

Joanne said...

That is awesome! I love bright cheery colors too- and that basket of yarn- delightful!

Unknown said...

That is a beautiful afghan - my grandmother made one similar ages ago, when I was a little girl. I cannot help but look at yours and smile with warm memories... both figurative and literal!

Sandra said...

Mind if I copy your color scheme? I love all bright and cheery colors, actually my home is full of them in the living room (which happens to be dark) and the craft room.

Nice blog, I'll keep visiting :o)

kdbliv said...
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