Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Today, Sunday - Mothers' Day -  I tried to clean the bathroom.
The point I gave up at was when I was leaning over the bath with my trousers around my ankles, my nearly-one-year-old clutching my knees and joyfully wiping his snotty nose into the cellulitey cushions on the back of my thighs, while the 2.5 year old squirted my knickers with water, joyfully singing "The WHEELS on the BUS go ROUND and ROUND, ROUND and ROUND!"
It was a beautiful moment.
Ginger of hair and gappy of tooth,
he is half-child, half-goblin
I put down the Mr Muscle, pulled up my trousers and gave it up as a hopeless case. That was my Mothers' Day present to myself.

We've had a busy week and that's why the bathroom is filthy and the laundry train got derailed somewhere last Monday. The result of this was that I'd had to root around the depths of my wardrobe to find myself something (reasonably) clean and pounced upon a pair of  pregnancy jeans in desperation. Turns out, pregnancy jeans worn when not pregnant can be yanked down very quickly by thigh-high children and - it turns out - this is a hilarious exercise, especially when accompanied by 72 verses of The Wheels on the Bus. This, dear readers, is life with a one-year-old and a two-year-old.

That's right - you can hop back through the sparse entries of my blog in the last twelve months and establish that a full year has passed since I was waddling around, ready to pop. My younger son Robert is about to turn one! And Mr Gingerbread and I are at a loss as to what he should get for his birthday. The house is full of toys - he has a dozen aunts and uncles, after all - and more clothes than my poor laundry skills can cope with. And, to be honest, we tend to think babies and toddlers want this kind of thing

when in actual fact, my son would really like something like this for his birthday.

A compromise must be found.

I decided to radically attack scraps and half-skeins, and this has been my on-the-side project for the last few weeks.

 Because it's May and the magnolia is blooming and the balcony is beckoning! Hurray!


Anonymous said...

I love that crocheted afghan thing-a-ma-hoozits. The very best thing I ever gave to my kids was a large fridge box when we got our new fridge. It went from cave, to house to fort to being flattened by giants over the space of a month and when it was too flat to regain it's shape and the novelty had completely worn off, it went out into the garden to stop the weeds. Best... gift... EVER! :)

HillyT said...

It's very hard to think of presents for your second child, especially when they are the same gender. Maybe you could get him a special picture for his bedroom or something along those lines? I expect he'll get lots of lovely toys.

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Dette said...

Hello ,Just found your blog again after not following for a couple of years and just wanted to say what a great read it is ,very funny. It reminds me of when my kids were toddlers (which feels like yesterday but is heading towards 20 years ago -how did that happen!) I don't miss the clinging children or the no sleep but they were fun times. I'm glad you can find the time to blog now and again ,and be so entertaining with it .