Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tutorial: Lo-So Crochet Tote Bag

While rooting through one of the large bags of yarn that I keep hidden stored in the bedroom cupboard, I found a bag-within-the-bag that is - cringe - my Bag of Shame. Therein I found my little stash of started projects that had been abandoned in favour of something more exciting. Including a bunch of neat little cotton squares, bordered and stacked and ready to go:

They were supposed to be a cushion cover but upon looking at them again, I thought they might make a nice bag ... but the sewing! Bleurgh: sewing a lining for a cotton bag is just so much hassle.

Then I had a brainwave: instead of sewing a lining for a bag, why not sew a bag for the lining? And the Low Sew (Lo-So!) crochet tote bag was born. I wish it were a No-Sew (No-So :-) ) bag, but I haven't figured that one out yet.  

You need - 
- crochet squares in a pattern of your choice
- a linen shopping bag (even one that has a printed logo: the logo will be covered by your crochet work. I bought plain linen bags on Amazon for 99c.)
- a darning needle
- a sharp sewing needle
- strong sewing thread in a colour close to the colour of the bag

I simply sewed the squares together (but you can crochet them together or use the join-as-you-go method) and placed them on the bag to determine how much bigger the bag was: 

Toy car not necessary, but apparently helpful

You want your panel to be slightly bigger than the linen bag, so I crocheted two rows of double crochet at the top and bottom, and one row of half-double crochet on each side. I did this on the front (pic on the left) and back (right) panel.

I then turned them face to face and sewed them together on three sides, leaving the top open. I turned the crochet bag/cover right-side out, and slipped the linen bag inside.

Taking a sewing needle and strong sewing thread (I simply doubled mine), I sewed the top of the crocheted bag to the top  of the linen bag, so that the linen bag became the lining of the crochet bag! Sneaky, eh?

Please look closely at amazing sewing technique and do not look at unmanicured nails. Thank you.
To stop the linen bag from wrinkling up inside its crochet cover, I simply turned the entire thing inside-out again and stitched the crochet bag and the linen lining together at the corners - just a few strong stitches to anchor it, that's all.

The last thing I did was to crochet a small strap to close it at the top and add a button. That's it. Easy-peasy!


susan said...

I will now rootle in the Box of Shame under the bed and find the bag squares I made 4 (four!!) years ago and 'bag' a lining.
(ok, in the morning then lol).
Thank you, truly.

The Foggy Knitter said...

Genius! I shall have to try this.

The toy car really added to the picture, it was a very good contribution.

Karen said...


Now I can make all those ugly bags sort of cute!

and I agree with The Foggy Knitter, the post wouldn't be the same without the addition of the car.


Helen said...

What a great idea!! lining a bag has really been putting me off the idea of crocheting one, you've solved my problem :)

Allyson said...


I've been thinking about the various projects I have stashed around. Glad I'm not the only one. And to think I used to lock my nana for having unfinished objects...

Liz said...

Very clever. I think the car was definitely helpful.

Emm.A said...

What a great and simple idea! I really want to make it. One more item on my to-crochet and need-to-buy-new-yarn-for list...