Friday, September 26, 2014

Me and the Y Chromosome

I have a husband and two sons. This greatly influences my crafting endeavors, primarily because of all the (cough) "help":

"This is MY street!"
"No, this is MY crochet."
"NO, this is my STREET!"

Craft basket hemmed in by vehicles. I waded through a sea of Matchbox cars to take this photo.

Thanks, love.

Surrounded as I am by cars, tractors, diggers, front-loaders, trucks, trains, helicopters and planes, it's very nice to make things that are ... more feminine. I recently knit my niece a jumper - more about that in another post, but here's a picture for now, because we all need a bit of colour:

In my defence, she wanted "a jumper in rainbow colours" 

 ... and that blanket in the craft basket? It's a new, free pattern that will follow before the weekend is out!


The Foggy Knitter said...

Awesome jumper. If it's any comfort my sister and I were into trains and cars etc. as small children as much as, if not more than, dolls etc. The road/crochet debate made me giggle, I'm fairly sure I've seen knitting patterns for blankets that have "roads" on them for playing with cars, yes here we go: that way you'll both be right!

sustainablemum said...

We have a sea of matchbox cars too, it must be spreading................

Playing Hooky said...

That jumper is perfect. I'm really looking forward to the pattern because I'm making squares for a communal blanket and I'm running out of patterns that I like to make. I have great hopes of yours! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! Love all the colours in all the crochet/knitted work. Your little man is getting bigger! Very cute :) xx

Gracey is not my name.... said...

The jumper is is the new matchbox cars hurt as much as logos when you step on them?