Monday, April 1, 2013

Detours and U-Turns

Happy Easter to all who celebrated it. We did, primarily with large amounts of cake:

"You know what?" my husband said thoughtfully. "They kind of remind me of Easter egg nests..."
Aw, man. So I won't be taking up a job as a professional cake decorator any time soon, then.

But I am getting somewhere crochet-wise and very soon I'll have something exciting to show and tell:

I will - 'scuse the pun - keep you posted ;-)


Anne said...

Lovely crochet and I wish someone would make me a cake!! :)

KinnicChick said...

Ooh, I love what you have going on there with that new blanket. Your colors always draw me right in!

Paul & Carla said...

I'm going craaaaaazy, Olivia. Don't you have a nice little post very similar to a tutorial, but obviously not labeled tutorial since I can't find it under that label where you talk about how to choose colors for your blocks? You show the yarns in a color wheel and talk about choosing... is it contiguous color for your block? I absolutely cannot find it although I trolled through all 71 posts labeled "crochet" and each of the tutorial ones more than once. Or maybe it's on Ravelry? I guess I'll go look there, too.

~ Carla ~

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Hello Carla,
Sorry about the long delay in getting back to you - just back from a trip to Ireland with a baby with a bronchial infection. LOOOOOONG days and SHOOOOORT nights :-( :-(
The post you're looking for is indeed here but it's on a separate page. Look at the bar on the right and click on 'Colour Workshop - Realta' under the section marked 'Pages'!
Best wishes and lovely to hear from you!