Friday, September 24, 2010

Political Correctness: Fail

I'm chatting to a colleague about the work that's been going on at the Gingerbread House. A second colleague, in passing, says: -
"That's a bit mean, isn't it?"
We look at her, confused.
"It just seems a bit harsh," she says smartly. "Calling someone a retard."
Excuse me? Agog, we stare at her.
Then the penny drops.
"I was just saying," I say through a stiff smile, "That we were having our flat roof re-tarred."
A shock of crimson creeps up her neckline.
"I'm so sorry," she whispers.
And skulks off.

Our re-tarred roof:

And I won't even begin to tell you the hassle behind this re-tarredation. We got an estimate in April and, because of his apparent aversion to answering the telephone, we have struck up a penfriendship with the contractor: only after four months of bombarding him with e-mails did he finally send someone (two someones, in fact) along to do the job. The final straw came when we spent August moving buckets to catch drips: I took all of my feminist principles, shoved them in the dustbin and rang the contractor. Miraculously, he answered (not recognising my mobile number).
Poor little helpless ol' me, I explained, damsel-in-distressesque, was getting kind of tired of stubbing her toes on buckets. Could he possibly, possibly send someone by to fix our teensy-weensy roof?
Certainly, madam! he said - all burly and manly - we'll send someone over next week!

Emily Pankhurst is turning in her grave, but my roof has been tarred so she'd better deal with it.


Crymson Flower said...

haha...i've played that card too. I feel silly but sometimes it gets the job done.

MmmYarn said...

I'm with you, crymson: I feel silly, too, but every once in a while you just have to do it.