Sunday, March 21, 2010

Solid Hexagon

American English: DC = double crochet
[British English: TR = treble crochet]
This pattern is in American English terms, the British terms are in [brackets].

Start by chaining 4, then join with a slip stitch.
Chain 3 (counts as the first DC [TR]), do 1 DC [TR] into the ring. *Chain 2, 2 DC [TR], repeat from *four times, then chain 2 and join to the third chain of your first 'fake' DC [TR] - like this:

Add a new colour or continue with the same, starting in a corner gap. In every corner do 1 DC [TR] + chain 2 + 1 DC [TR], then continue with a DC [TR] in every stitch in the previous round :

And around and around and around you go. Here's one I did earlier, using the leftover sock yarn from my SiSoYa hat:


Monica said...

Love it too! We should be neighbors!

Purple Needles said...

I have been searching for the solid Hexagon. Everybody had the granny. Getting ready to duplicate an Afghan that I purchased at a second-hand store.