Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet Gladys

This is Gladys. I bought her on Ebay for €5 and she arrived this morning, all wrapped up in newspaper. I originally bought her to model my hats, but she's already earned her €5 as a means to torture my Gingerbread Husband. Basically, I wait till he's engrossed in something on the computer, then have her peek her head around the doorframe and hiss at him, till he turns and jumps in fright. She's also very good at peering up over the foot of the bed. Apparently a white floating head rising above the covers at your feet looks a bit spooky. Who would've thought?

Tomorrow I'm going to write up my pattern for this SiSoYa (Simple Sock Yarn) Hat, so have your hooks ready, gentle readers. It's still snowing here in Bavaria and the only means of combatting this is to make yourself some fetching headwear :-)

1 comment:

glor said...

I love the hat, looking forward to the instructions! Gladys is one busy item! Poor Mr. Gingerbread ... lol, that is funny.