Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry about the long absence, gentle readers, but the reason for this is simple - I've been grumpy.
Yes, grumpy.
And I figured the last thing the world needed was another blogger whinging about her grumpiness and polluting cyberspace with negativity. Besides, as we all know, blogs are supposed to be the display cabinet of the more attractive aspects of one's life, and I really didn't think you'd be all that interested in seeing piles of grammar exams and dirty tea cups. But I'm back now - with some marginally interesting developments in the world of the Gingerbread Lady.

First of all, Gingerbread Husband is now the grumpy one, and quite frankly, I'm not surprised. Cast your eyes to the right and you'll see what's filling his little gingerbread head these days.


Tomorrow is his maths final and he's not a happy camper. Neither of us are paricularly mathematically inclined, but I had the good sense not to pursue a career where complex mathematical formulae are (excuse the pun) part of the equation. Anyway, he's studying hard, reminding me of his plight with periodic sighs but I have become surprisingly resistant to math-induced drama. After all, I did my driving test - that's right, I completed an exam in a potential death-machine, despite an utter lack of depth perception and spatial vision - so if I can do it, so can he.

Anyway, today is Valentine's Day, a day which we generally ignore, except to swap chocolate. I did actually get a rose this year, but it was a present from our retired neighbour as a 'thank you' for my snow-sweeping prowess. I've cleverly managed to clear snow at the peak times of day, the times when most of our neighbours actually see me on the street with my shovel. The Gingerbread Husband, by comparison, doesn't time his snow-clearing very well - no one ever sees him at it. As a result, I have garnered a reputation among my (elderly) neighbours as a Good Hausfrau, which is high praise indeed. The Gingerbread Husband is on his way to being regarded as a Lazy Ne'er-Do-Well by the senior citizens on our street, so he'll have to get out and do some ostentatious tidying and sweeping in order to redress the balance.

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Anonymous said...

Hope exam of your hubby goes well and he will be a happy one again - I remember the various math and physics exams while studying chemistry and how terrible I felt the day before... of course the day after passing them I was sure that I could study math as major as well =)