Thursday, February 18, 2010

Babette colourburst in a monotone winter

Funny how a project quickly gets out of hand. I started another Babette, this time with fewer colours and all from the same colour family. Once again, intended for my Gingerbread SIL - but after finishing the first ten squares or so, I realised that a friend of mine in the south of Germany would like this one so much more. She loves deep reds and strong oranges and sunshine yellows - so what can I do? I have to give it to her, and poor SIL gets shoved down the 'To Do' list.

I took a walk yesterday in the brief window of sunshine (3 seconds). There's still snow everywhere and no one is optimistic enought to believe that we've seen the last of it this season. On the contrary, the general consensus is that we'll be, ahem, enjoying intermittent snowfall till April. This makes me feel like a toddler in the supermarket: "Wh-hh-hh-hy? Why? I don't want any more snow this year! I've had enough!" - and I actually have to stop myself from stomping my feet as I type this. Everyone seems sick of it - even inaminate objects are beginning to look a bit cheesed off at the snow. Exhibit A, your honour (I think he's actually tapping his foot in impatience)

But there is hope: I used my burgeoning photographic skills to snap yesterday's one ray of sunshine.

Actually, I lie. My burgeoning skills consist of me pointing and clicking. I got lucky. But don't tell anyone.

But seeing as how I was wandering through the city with my camera in hand, I came upon this door, which I've walked past a million times but in my winter colour-deprivation, I had to stand in front of it and just soak in its lovely blueness.

Rumour has it that the sky might return to this colour at some point.
Huh. Let's wait and see, shall we?

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