Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tutorial: Zigzagzig Blanket


If you would like to download a PDF of this pattern, please click HERE!

Please note: this pattern is in American terms. British terms are in [brackets]

·         Gauge: not important. Make your blanket as long or as short as you like, make your triangles bigger or smaller by adding more rows or crocheting fewer.
·         Hook: use the hook recommended by your yarn manufacturer
·         Yarn quantity: as this is a scrap blanket, no exact quantities can be given. However, my experience has been that a full sized (generous single bed / a cover for a standard double bed) requires about 15 balls of worsted weight yarn (e.g. RHSS), approx. 4 of which are the ‘main colour’ (here: dark grey). Your mileage may vary, depending on the size of your blanket, your hook size and how tightly/loosely you crochet.


Ch 5, join with a slip stitch to form a small ring
Rd. 1 Into ring: ch 3, 2DC, ch 2.
Join new color after this and every other round.

Rd. 2- 7
Ch 3, 1 DC in same (first) stitch,
1 DC in each DC till corner space,
2 DC + 2ch + 2 DC in corner,
1 DC in each stitch till the last. 2 DC in last stitch.

When you have seven rows (or larger, as you wish), cut yarn and weave in end. Place the triangles as shown in the photo below and whipstitch them together. I sewed 13 triangles together per strip.

In order to get a straighter edge, I created a triangle half the size of the others and sewed it in place at the end of each strip.

Ch 5, join with a slip stitch to form a small ring
Rd. 1 Into ring: ch 3, 5 DC
Rd. 2- 7
Ch 3, 1 DC in same (first) stitch,
1 DC in each DC till last stitch,
2 DC in last stitch. 

How do I join the strips?
You can, of course, simply sew them together, but I wanted to create a clearer zigzag pattern, so I crocheted a line of DC [TR]s across one side of each strip in the main color (here: dark grey), then sewed this grey edge to the next strip. This created a ‘line’ between the busy colors and emphasized the colorful zigzags.

As a rule of thumb, I crocheted 2 DC [TR]s into the (sideways) DC [TR]s along the sides of the triangles. Sometimes I used into the top of a triangle (here, for example, into the top of the green one), if the crocheted strip dipped a little too much.

  How do I edge the blanket?
I crocheted enough strips of triangles to make the blanket roughly square, though you, of course, could crochet longer strips of triangles and make your blanket a rectangular shape. When all of the strips were sewn together, I just crocheted two rounds of DC [TR]s in the main color, grey, with 1 DC [TR]+ 2 ch + 1 DC [TR] in each corner. 


Katie K said...

Stunning! Thanks so much for sharing this.

On another note, you are a fabulous writer and I (selfishly) do wish that you would return to also posting more blog entries.

Jos van KloskaCreAtief! said...

Love the colours and the pattern!

lita28mya said...

I love this! The colours are great, so vibrant. A great way to use up all my leftovers. Thanks so much for sharing.
Lita xx

Confused Crochet Beginner said...

Love your Klimt Blankets!
However I can't follow the link to th ePDF tutorials of either the Baby Blanket or the adult blanket- have they been removed form DB?
Is it possible to still get them please?

Secondly- I can't get the stitch count correct.

After starting a new round you chain 1, DC (US) into same stitch and then follow with 4 DC till the corner (2DC Ch2 2DC)
Next side you DC 7 times, and again and again with the corners in between.
Then after final corner you join original stitch with a SS.

Im 2 stitches short in the first side, as Ive only done 5 stitches on this side, but 7 the others!

What am i dong wrong please??

Confused Crochet Beginner said...

Please could you help with the PDF links to the Klimtchen and the Adult Klimt Tutorials?
I can't access them sadly, and I love these blankets and your colors!

I've been trying to do the basic Solid Grannies as you describe but stitch count doesn't work for me.
e.g. in Rnd 3
DC into SC, then dc into next 4 stitches- 5 in total prior to the Corner
The following 3 sides you do 7 DC prior to the corners.
Then after final corner you SSt into the first stitch of first side
BUT I end up 2 stitches short somehow.
5 in one round and 7 in the other 3?
What am I doing wrong please???