Friday, July 22, 2011

General Hookery

Why, hello there. Nice of you to stop by! Life in the Gingerbread Household is ticking over: we've evicted the pigeons, Mr Gingerbread emptied the dregs of the compost bin into our flowerbed and now the house stinks of manure (strange that, because the bin was full of vegetable waste and coffee grinds, yet the entire house now smells like a slurry pit), and I've been crocheting away between exams and conferences.

This is what I'm up to: nine-patch granny squares, to use up tiny balls of wool that I had left over from various projects. At the moment it looks like something a clown crocheted - I think the multicolour edging is a bit too much. Or de trop, as I would say in the alterate universe where I drop French words into everyday conversation and people think that it's quite cool (pretentious, moi? Pas de tout!)

And I'd like to start another Réalta because the other two were fun to do. These are my chosen colours:

... but sadly the first few octagons look absolutely horrible and mismatched  - so much so that I won't post a photo yet or it might taint your weekend. Suffice to say that I shall perservere because the interesting thing about this blanket is that you really don't know how it will finally look till you've sewn the last motifs together. And I like an element of danger (thankfully this is the maximum amount of danger in my life at present. And that's plenty, thanks a million.)


Voie de Vie said...

I dunno ... I kind of like them with the colorful edging. Go figure. :)

Annie Cholewa said...

Something about your nine patch Granny squares puts me in mind of a children's kaleidoscope ... bright and fun :)

wdmk said...

AHHHH, im kinda sad to see the pigeons go. I about peed my pants after reading the post on them. I also love the colors in the new work.

anon said...

I like the edging, too. I think it's the white that might be what is making the edging strike you that way. Maybe a pale blue or faded yellow would pull the whole together more than white does - white does nothing for cohesion, IMHO.
What's it all going to be when it's finished?

Elisabetta said...

Anche a me piace il bordo multicolore, è così allegro! :-)

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Thanks for all the comments. cj, you're right, the white is a stark contrast but because I'm using up scraps, I just have to go with it :-(