Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not Meant for Me

Once upon a time, many years ago
(Oh, no. It's going to be one of those posts.
Yes, it is. Sorry about that)
I lived in a student residence with four Spanish girls: Rocio, Mai, Conchi and Monica. Monica had a beautiful designer cardigan, a crocheted cardigan made of colourful granny squares in thin cotton.
"I can make that!" I said and borrowed her cardigan to have a look at it. I bought myself some thin yarn in black, a deep pink and a luscious purple, and started to crochet a stack of squares. It became a bit of a community effort: the other girls in the halls of residence kept tabs on my progress, and there was great excitement when I sewed the squares together and single-crocheted along the edges.

Finally, after a month of crocheting, it was finished.
"Try it on!" someone said. And I went out into the hall next to the common room and tried it on in front of the full-length mirror there.
"Ooooh!" said the little crowd of onlookers. I preened a little; it was very nice.
"Can I try it on?" Conchi begged.
"Sure," I said and handed it over. She slipped it on and turned to look at herself in the mirror.
"Aaaaah!" the onlookers said - realising, as I did, that the cardigan was ...
Not Meant For Me.
It was not meant for me. That's all that needs to be said on the subject: it looked infinitely better on small, dark-haired Conchi instead of big, red-haired me. In fact, it looked as though I had actually made the cardigan for her. On purpose. Rather than by accident.
"Keep it," I said, a tad sulkily.
Essentially, I had no choice. How could I wear it, knowing it was actually ... destined to be hers?

That's one of the things I have learned about making things: sometimes they are Not Meant For You. This is an example of this phenomenon:
I crocheted beautiful (I thought) African flowers from sock yarn.

I crocheted about a hundred of them, wanting to make myself - that's right, me - a set of cushions for my couch. I bought the cushions. I sewed the little flowers together. I devised ways to make half-flowers and quarter flowers to create corners and edges. I edged the top, I sewed on buttons, I put the cover on the cushions and I realised that they were
Not Meant For Me.
Oh, they were very nice - but not right. Just not right. I don't know what the problem was, but I just wasn't happy. So I wrapped them up and attached a label (which my little sister made for me - gingerbread ladies ahoy!)


and added them to the cushions I donated to the Christmas bazaar.
What else could I do? If the Crafting Fates decide that what you make is Not Meant for You, you have no choice but to give in.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Love the flowers!

hooksandyarns said...

I love that pillow! You're very generous to give it away. :)

Sondra said...

OH this happens with just about every.single.thing I make. ~sigh~ GORGEOUS pillows! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Aussie Maria said...

I think it is very much in the Christmas spirit making those beautiful cushions etc and giving them away - give yourself a HUGE hug

- said...

It is gorgeous but I truly understand what you mean.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I find it funny some people have a really hard time giving away things they make and others... have a harder time keeping them!

Heather - The Good Life said...

Beautiful cushion! Your African Flowers are lovely!

Spundun said...

Oh, that happens, but at least the items will be appreciated by their Real Owners. Sigh.

You are a generous soul and I hope the right project for you makes its way onto your hooks soon!

Unknown said...

They are so very pretty, that is very generous of you. You deserve even more yarn.