Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cathedral Windows

Why, Gingerbread Lady! You're an artist! That has to be one of the most spectacular afghans I've ever seen!
Thank you, thank you. Just knocked that one out over the course of a couple of evenings.

Sigh. I wish.

No, no, it's not mine. This is the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan (pattern available here from Annie's Attic), a pattern that (rightly) won a ton of accolades and prizes. An image search on Google will show you many colour variations of the pattern, each one prettier than the next. Inspired by this, I thought I'd try something with a hint of stained-glassiness (just invented that word. Nice, isn't it?) and decided to try a few African Flowers.

(just a heads-up - I was going to make a tutorial for this lovely pattern, but it has already been done here. Great, isn't it?)

The wonderful thing about these little flowers is that they're made using the leftovers of my leftover sock yarn. A 50g skein of sock yarn goes a long way: you get several 13g baby Advent socks and the remaining little nub of yarn creates a beautiful little flower. This has become my new on-the-go project, now that my little socks are finished (sob) but I have as yet no idea how I'll put them together.

Watch this space. We'll figure something out together!


glor said...

Your blankets are beautiful!!! The african flower and the one from the previous post. I knew that you would have amazing projects following the advent socks. Such beautiful work!

Tina said...

This is gonna be gorgeous! The black will make the colours glow so much!

aykayem said...

ooohh pretty! ... actually I just found that Heidibears tutorial the other day, and printed out the pattern because I was thinking of making something with those flowers ... and here it is again in another lot of lovely colours - I guess I will have to take it as a hint that I am meant to have a go at these - LOL
(trouble is - when?! - I am already rather busy doing a heap of other stuff, both crochet and sewing stuff, that I am not sure I have time to finish ... in fact I should be doing that now, instead of blog surfing/etc)

Spundun said...

Lovely interpretation and a great idea - I have tons of leftovers that would be perfect for this!

Caroline said...

Love them!!! I'm hurrying to my scraps as I type, eager to try!!!!