Sunday, April 25, 2010

A World Without Planes

Such a strange week. Our house lies directly under a flight path between two big German airports, so normally the sky is a criss-cross of jet trails. In the past week, the skies have been silent and blue.

No white streaks across the sky during the day; no flashing lights at night, marking the path of an airplane across the black sky. And no noise. Not that you notice it, mind. You barely register that it's there - until there are no planes at all and it might suddenly occur to you that it seems a little bit quieter.

But yesterday evening and today we noticed the first jets scratching the clear blue sky.

Business as usual, it seems.

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Suzie said...

I heard a woman interviewed on BBC radio last week talking about how amazing it was to take her dog for a walk in the parks of London without any planes overhead - not that you'd want to live without them forever, but a break every once in a while might be nice! Suzie