Monday, June 14, 2010

Kitchen Sprucing

Mr Gingerbread and I decided to paint the old chimney in our kitchen. We spent a happy half-hour in the DIY store looking at paint samples ("Purple! Bright purple!" "No, no, look at this one - yellow!") before we finally settled on apple green. It's just a single stripe of green in an otherwise-white kitchen ... and I think it's quite spanky, if you don't mind. We're still at the getting-used-to-it stage, where you walk into the room and get a shock because - oops! There's a big green chimney there all of a sudden (even if you did just paint it yourself this morning) but I'm going through a green phase, so I think it's nice.

Next on my To-Do list is to paint the wooden units white and the back wall of the kitchen - which is also inexplicably panelled in wood - is also going to see the hairy end of my paintbrush. I want a bright, light kitchen instead of feeling I live and work in an inn in the Bavarian Alps. With so much wood and wood panelling, all we need is a mounted stag's head and a hunter's horn, and we'd be ready to open for business.

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Suzie said...

Love it! Apple green is one of my new favorite colors. In fact, i'm waiting for a delivery of a bunch of Lucy-from-Attic24-inspired bright colored cottons to start a granny square blanket which will all be tied together with the apple green. Yummy!